Star Wars Half Marathon

imageI just saw on Twitter runDisney posted this photo! I cannot believe I almost didn’t register for this inaugural runDisney race. I will be running this half marathon with a friend of mine, and we already decided we won’t be running this race for time. If you haven’t run a RunDisney event before, I highly recommend it for its ‘race experience value.’ I plan on meeting every single Star Wars character I want, and not limiting my magical Disney experience. I have my Darth Vader running costume almost ready for the big race, and just need to attach a cape to my Star Wars tank. Pinterest provided many creative ways to design a running costume while not breaking the bank! You don’t need to dress up as the Dark Side if you don’t want to. It was just my preference.

Training for this race has not been up to the standards I would like. I recently had a persistent shin splint, so I needed to cut my miles back. Just the last couple of days it’s started to feel back to normal. In the next couple of Saturdays I will need to get in more long distance runs (longer than 9 miles), before tapering off for the half marathon. How are you training for your next race? Is any one else signed up for the Star Wars Half Marathon?


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