Top 5 Tuesday: Beginner Runner Mistakes

I watch YouTube for book reviews, and in the BookTube community they have the Top 5 Wednesday’s with different topics related to books. Here on this blog, I will be hosting Top 5  Tuesday’s with different topics related to running. Today’s topic is:

Top 5 Beginner Runner Mistakes

  1. Not being properly hydrated– I live in Florida and took me awhile to learn the fine line between over-hydrating before my hot weather runs, and being dehydrated. Now when I do morning runs, I drink a cup of water when I first wake up, and then another cup right before I leave for the run. If you live in a hotter climate, I would recommend bringing water with you on your runs.
  2. Not going to a speciality running store to purchase running sneakers- I learned this lesson the hard way. When I first started getting into distance running, I saw Dick’s Sporting Goods was having a sale on their Brooks Running Shoes. I never thought once that maybe I should talk to the salesperson about what shoe would be best for me. I bought the shoes with no guidance, and long store short, I have a black toe, and made a hole in my sneakers. Please don’t let this be you.
  3. Ignoring people’s warning about chafing– Yes, it is real. No matter what shape your body is. Before races, I recommend using coconut oil anywhere where the seams of your clothes are a little rough. If you are a woman, I would recommend putting coconut oil or Vaseline along the lining of your sports bra.
  4. Thinking you can’t take walking breaks– I didn’t realize this until I ran my first runDisney race, But you can walk if you feel you need to. You aren’t a failure for doing run-walk intervals. There are whole training plans dedicated to the run walk method by Jeff Galloway. Look into it, it’s amazing.
  5. Feeling your first race has to be a 5k– There is no rule to what distance your first race is. You may want to first start with a 5k, or maybe you want to run a half marathon first. You make your own rules. I would just recommend that you look into training plans, or running apps that can help you achieve your goals.

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  1. I feel the same way! I always think I’m “hydrated” but I need more! I discovered that on my “almost marathon” haha. I get cramps in my legs. I ran my best time in a run/walk interval. There’s something about thinking to yourself “ok now you just have to run for five more min… ok now five more… ” and before you know it you’re almost done! Love this post! Great job!

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