Where I Run

A few months ago, I read this article in the Runner’s World magazine that talked about how their running route right outside their front door is always the best according to the author. I tend to agree with this.

Just this past year, my Florida county built sidewalks all along the suburban road I live on. This has made it much easier to go the distance day in and day out. I feel fortunate I live in a relatively safe area, and on my run I can just zone out and not have to worry about cars hitting me due to the sidewalk.  I keep thinking about how many low income neighborhoods in our country don’t have sidewalks. This creates issues for the people in the community such as an increase in weight, mental illnesses, isolation, childhood obesity, and an unsafe area to promote physical activity outside.

image I am thankful for my running route that provides me a safe, blissful, and familiar run each day. I love running past the middle school, and elementary school I attended. I love running past the library, and the ponds on my route. I have seen countless times wildlife during my runs right outside my door. Some I would prefer I didn’t see (ehem, the alligators, Bobcats, and snakes), but I will say it always makes for an interesting run.


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  1. THAT ALLIGATOR! I think I want to move to Florida and then I see posts like these…. I am fortunate to also have sidewalks and bike paths ( and no alligators)!


    1. This alligator just had a baby recently or something…because now I see two of them on my run. 😳 It serious motivation to go faster though.


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