Pilates and Running

I have been doing POP Pilates, or Blogilates since 2012, when I first heard about the fitness trainer Casey Ho. She is a fitness star on YouTube, has 2 workout DVDs, has 1 book, has an App, and has even recently been on the cover of Health magazine.


Casey Ho’s Pilates videos are how I cross train on the days I do not run. You can sign up for her free calendar workouts on Blogilates.com, but usually I just choose 6 10 minute videos on her YouTube on strengthening your core, and legs. She has a great leg workout video called ‘Lolo Legs’ which was inspired by the Olympian Lolo Jones (who watches Blogilates videos). Not to mention, Taylor Swift is a fan of Blogilates too! Here are some samples of the Pilates videos I usually do at least twice a week:

I am by no means an expert on cross training, but I do know once I do an hour of Blogilates, I feel stronger. Nothing like using your own body weight to get stronger! How do you guys cross train?


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  1. Ashley Dailey says:

    I love Blogilates! Cassey is such a happy upbeat person and her workouts are no joke!


  2. I will definitely have to check Blogilates out! I am a Pilates instructor. I cross-train with weighted medicine balls-10-14 pounds. They add the perfect blend between free weight (vs resistance weight) and circular, fluid movement.
    Lifting weight energizes me!


  3. Katie says:

    I’ve been doing blogilates for awhile now and just added a morning run to my exercise routine. I’m finally getting results by combining the two! Starting to really enjoy running. 🙂


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