Cold Front in Florida

This morning started with a surprisingly low of 55 degrees in Florida. Perfect running weather anyone could possibly ask for living in a tropical area. My route plan was to run my usual 4 miles, but I was feeling good. Really good. All thanks to the wonderful cold front! I ran 8 miles today. It was just such a perfect day, and I think many runners would agree with me. The sky was so blue, I saw some ducks, and it was breezy outside (clearly I still have a runner’s high right now lol). I saw more people running on the route I usually go than ever before. I think the highlight of the run was I didn’t see the usual Sand Hill Cranes by the pond I come across on my runs. Sand Hill Cranes are very common birds in the surburb I live in. I seriously was almost attacked by one last month on one of my runs. I guess he/she felt I was running too close to them because he started flapping his huge wings at me and was doing something funky with his head. It almost looked like an angry dance. After that episode, I am a very cautious runner of wild birds. I don’t trust them. This is where I usually see many different birds on my run: image.jpegHave you encountered any wildlife on your runs? Have a good day!


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  1. KME says:

    It was a glorious morning here in Tampa!! Perfect!

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    1. Lol yes it was! 🙂


  2. I usually only see bunnies and deer when I run, but I use extreme caution when there’s been a cougar or bear sighting in the area. Cranes are angry little things, I don’t blame you for steering clear of them. Them and geese… scary! 🙂

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  3. amilerun says:

    Can’t wait for it to get that warm here in the UK and I can go out in just shorts and tshirt again!

    Not too much wildlife to be worried about over here – but I love seeing deer and owls on my early morning runs.


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