Star Wars Half Preparation and Labradoodles

This weekend I knew was going to be a busy one, so I had to get in all my runs in throughout the week. Usually my long runs are on Saturday morning when there is no traffic. There is some sort of bliss about waking up before most, and going out for a run. I always feel I get to enjoy my weekends before everyone else that way. This weekend I did not go on my long run because a little Labradoodle puppy named Buddy needed to stay quiet while my fiancé slept in after working an overnight on Friday. We are watching Buddy for a friend for 9 days. He is just the sweetest thing!

imageI think Buddy would be able to run a mile or 2 with me, but I don’t dare because it’s so hot outside where I live. His coat is definitely not short!

Sunday, a running buddy and I met up for coffee to strategize our next half marathon together: the Star Wars Half Marathon at Walt Disney World. We discussed costume ideas, the course, our training, and how we wanted to run the race. My friend is a seasoned runDisney runner, so I typically look for her in guidance in how to navigate all this runDisney ‘stuff’. We are not going to try and PR this race. Everything about runDisney is for the experience and fun on the course. If you are unfamiliar with runDisney events, they have Disney characters throughout the course you can take your picture with. This is what we will be doing. Just going out there to have some Disney fun.

I still need to work on my running costume, as I mentioned in a previous post. But I’m planning on being Darth Vader and it looking similar to this: image

Have you guys seen the course map and the event guide for the race?

Event Guide:



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  1. OMG, how fun does that look!!! That puppy is adorable!


  2. Wow! I haven’t ever actually looked at the course for the Star Wars Half, it is fun to get to run through three parks. It is nice that they try to vary the courses depending on each race. Looks like fun!

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  3. stokesh says:

    I had to read your post twice as the first time around I didn’t get past the picture of buddy! He is adorable, if I was looking after him I don’t think I’d ever leave the house. Good luck with your half marathon, the course looks epic 🙂

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  4. This looks like a great race. Would love to do a runDisney event one day


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