Running with Buddy the Labradoodle

This morning, I went on my usual 4 mile route for some speed work. I really dislike speed work day, but it has got to happen to better myself. I honestly rather run long slow distances, than speed work. I’m sure I am not the only one.

Anyway, usually for speed work day I do three miles in one direction from the entrance in my neighborhood, and then I run about a mile loop in the neighborhood. I had done three miles of speed work, and while I was coming into my neighborhood I thought ‘hmm….I wonder if Buddy would like to run 1/2 mile with me to get out all that puppy energy.’ Do you guys remember the Labradoodle puppy I’m watching this week? I posted about him on Saturday.

I decided to run home to get him, and we ended up running 1/2 mile together. He seemed to LOVE it. I didn’t want to go too far for him since he is just a puppy, but I really think he could have gone farther. Once we got back inside, he had more energy than I had ever seen him. So much for tuckering him out! Lol. Typical cute and adorable puppy. I think Buddy and I will run a 1 mile together tomorrow too. πŸ˜€ We tried to take some photos outside after our glorious run today. I had a like difficulty harnessing Buddy’s excitement!

Take 1:


Take 2:imageTake 3:Β image


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  1. So cute! Love going running with my dog. She’s my favourite running partner even if she has to stop for a wee every 1k! 🐢🐢🐢

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  2. How cute is Buddy?

    I actually sort of prefer speed work to long runs — over quicker, so to speak!

    I wish I could run with Lola, but she’s a sprinter, not an endurance girl, plus she doesn’t really like to run that much with me — I think she’s afraid I’ll step on her.


    1. What kind of dog is Lola? Smart girl! Lol. Buddy got stepped on once when he all of a sudden stopped to smell something on the sidewalk lol

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      1. Lola is a long haired chihuahua. So she’s all of 9 lbs (which is really big for a chi).


  3. Ashley Dailey says:

    Awww so cute!! Puppies make the best running partners! πŸ˜„


  4. If the puppy is enjoying the run and not hurting, there’s nothing wrong with taking them out for short runs. Just don’t run them too much while they’re still growing.

    My Bandit loves it when I take her out running with me. She knows the sound of the beep from Garmin. She goes crazy because she knows that it’s Go Time.


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