Bolt Run Recap

This past Saturday was the 15th annual Bolt Run hosted by the Tampa Bay Lightning National Hockey League team. The 5k started at 7:30AM at the Amalie Arena (hockey arena for the team) then to Bayshore Blvd. It was raining throughout Friday night, so my fiancé and I were a bit worried it might rain during the race.image

I felt the 5k was very well organized with plenty of volunteers, water stations, restrooms, and a nice course. Upstairs of the Amalie Arena they offered bagels, donuts, Jimmy Johns sandwiches, and other treats for after the race. The Bolt Run race medals were heavy and beautiful too! It felt very much like a community race. It was a large crowd that came but nothing like a runDisney Race. There were no corrals or even pace leaders. Just good old fashioned ‘get in the front if you think you can win, or get in the back if you are walking.’ I saw many names I recognized from my old high school on the results list, and even one girl from my high school won 1st overall for women. image

My fiancé was very kind and decided about a month ago that he would run with me in the Bolt Run 5k. He is not a runner, and he did not train. I told him we could walk if he wanted to, but the morning of the race, it was his goal not stop. I will say he ran so well with a 9:45 pace without stops! Throughout the course I kept checking to see if we were going too fast, or if everything felt okay. But he said he was fine. Close to the finish line, he even zoomed right past me! I guess he got a bolt of energy. I don’t want to push him into running, but I am so proud of him.

After the race, we relaxed at home, and in the evening we went to the hockey game that came with our 5k registration. The hockey game was the Lightning versus the Florida Panthers. Unfortunately the Lightining lost 5-2. I think this might be my favorite race so far this year! I would recommend it to any local runners or hockey fans living in the Tampa Bay Area. image


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  1. That is one HUGE medal! Great that you had a running partner. I’m trying to gently coax my wife into running……no success yet 🙂

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  2. Haha yes I understand. You have to try to find that fine line of not pushing them too hard to get into running, even though you are so excited about the prospect lol.


  3. I had a PT appt. yesterday. He told me the story of a husband who agreed to run a little with his wife in her first marathon when her training partner had to cancel suddenly — in jeans!

    He ended up running the whole marathon with her! Boggles the mind.

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    1. I can’t believe that! Now that is a wonderful husband!

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      1. He said he’d go with her to the 5k, then 10k, then halfway, and then figured he could just finish the whole thing!

        I would’ve been a chafed, bleeding wreck (especially with no training).


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