Saturday Morning And Star Wars 1/2 Trial Run

Happy Saturday everyone! Today in Tampa, the weather forecast is rain, rain, and more rain. I knew last night if I wanted to get in my Saturday run, it needed to be early. The plan today was to meet my friend  who is also running the Star Wars half marathon, and have a trial run together. We have never run together, so this was a first! We decided to meet at the University of South Florida Tampa campus, where we are both alumni. We live an hour apart from each other, so meeting at USF was halfway for us. Today was definitely an early morning wake up….5:30AM. We met at 6:30AM. One plus side of meeting so early is there is no parking patrol people on the prowl. When I was in college, the parking patrol were everywhere, and they ticketed cars a lot.image

We ran all around USF for about 6.2 miles. And I mean all around the campus like twice. We heard a rooster over by Moffitt Cancer Center on campus, saw a sleeping student on their textbooks at the College of Business, and saw baby ducklings. Here is the campus map for you to get an idea of my morning run: image

The humidity this morning was extremely high. I was hoping since we were meeting so early, it would be a little cooler, but not such luck in Florida. Overall, it was a fun run with my friend, and a bit nostalgic running on my old campus. I went to USF for 6 years- undergraduate studies and graduate school. My friend and I are extremely excited about the upcoming Star Wars Half Marathon this month! She shared with me photos of the sneak peek of the commemorative Star Wars Half Marathon items. I’ll share it with you if you are interested: image

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  1. I have a friend in Tampa running the star wars race too! what a small world!

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  2. I am running the 5K on the 15th. This is going to be my first Disney race. I am so excited!


    1. Oh that’s so awesome! You will have a ton of fun I’m sure 🙂

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      1. It sounds like it! I’m running a 5k and raising money for a charity in all 50 states. I wanted at least 1 Disney race. Many I’ll do a Disneyland race when I do California.

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