Volunteering at the TPA 5K

imageThis morning, I volunteered at the Tampa International Airport 5K Fun Run. The proceeds of the race benefited United Way: Hands on Tampa Bay, an organization I have been part of since 2010. The 5K was on the airport’s runway, which seemed like a pretty cool concept for runners. I decided not to run the race, and to volunteer instead because I just ran the Star Wars Half Marathon on Sunday.

I woke up at 4:30AM this morning, to check into the volunteer sign in table at 6AM. Once again, running always involves an early morning wake up. I got to the airport runway, signed in, and was given no direction on what to do for an hour and a half. I had signed up to be one of the volunteers to pass out the finisher medals at the 5k. Certainly though, I could have been put to work beforehand. I was told to come at 6AM, and I would have like to have been useful instead of standing around.

Time passed by, and eventually the race started. It was exciting to see all the runners from runway! From where I was standing, all you could really see were thousands of feet moving swiftly. The runners were coming to the finish line less than 15 minutes later, and a group of us volunteers had the finisher medals in hand for the runners. It was nice cheering everyone on, and giving them their well earned medals! I saw many little kids doing the 5k this morning, and one little boy came in like 4th or 5th place I believe for the entire race.

After all the runners went through the finish line, Tampa International Airport had so many leftover medals that they were giving them to the security guards, and volunteers. I received a medal as well, but to feel I’ve deserved it I  am running a virtual 5K at home. The race did offer runners to do the 5K virtually, so I am going to lump myself with those runners. So tomorrow morning will be the day I run my 5K. It won’t be on an airport runway, but it will still be a good run! image

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  1. Bianca @ Mitten Runner says:

    I’d love to volunteer at a race some day! And what a unique race! My sister lives in Germany and did an airport runway race last year, but that was the first time I’d ever heard of a race being held there. Kind of cool! I’m with you, I’d have to go run the distance to feel right taking a medal.


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