Top 5 Tuesday: Facts about RunDisney for Newbies

In light of this afternoon, the registration opens for the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, and I felt it was appropriate for this Tuesday to be about runDisney again! Last week’s Top 5 Tuesday post was about RunDisney Tips for Beginners. This week, I want to focus on Facts about RunDisney. This can include past, present, and future. The goal of this post is to give newbies to RunDisney a closer glimpse on the RunDisney race series, and to get excited about their upcoming Disney runs! I hope you enjoy. As always, if you have a fact about RunDisney I haven’t listed below, please comment. 😀 I would love to hear from you guys. Oh and good luck to those of you registering for the Walt Disney World (WDW) Marathon Weekend races today! image

Top 5 Tuesday: Facts about RunDisney for Newbies

  1. Training Plans- Training Plans for the RunDisney race you just registered for is free online at Also, Runner’s World magazine from time to time offers training plans for RunDisney races. Example: the Runner’s World August 2015 edition had a training plan for the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon in November 2015. Resource:
  2. In 1994, the Walt Disney World Marathon was born, and only went through three parks! In comparision now, it goes through all four parks. Registration for the marathon was only $50 back then. Resource:
  3. Anniversary Races coming up: 2017– WDW Half Marathon- 20th anniversary; 2018-WDW Marathon- 25th anniversary; 2018-Disney Princess Half Marathon- 10th anniversary; 2018– Disney Princess Enchanted 10K/ Glass Slipper Challenge- 5th anniversary. 2019– Wine and Dine Half Marathon- 10th anniversary. We are talking major bling for anniversary races! Resource:
  4. RunDisney has two women focused race weekends, The Tinkerbell Half Marathon in California, and the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Orlando. 56% of all runners in RunDisney events were women in 2012, with that number growing. They are one of the largest running events for women in the U.S. besides the Nike Women’s Marathon. If you do both of these races in one full year, you will receive a special pink Coast to Coast Medal. Resource:
  5. In 1995, there was a one and only Disneyland Marathon in California. There were many problems with the route, and while the race was in motion, it had to be remeasured. Talk about a disaster! Resource: 

Also, this isn’t really a concrete fact per say, so I did not include it in the Top 5 Tuesday list, but I wanted to inform those interested in the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekends. Runners have found hidden Easter Eggs in the Disney Princess Half Marathon hinting what next year’s theme will be. Currently, people are speculating next year’s (2017) theme will be Snow White. This is because the last mile marker (mile 13) of the 2016 Disney Princess Half Marathon, was an image of Snow White. I will include a photo, because I probably just confused some of you! Sorry. Resource: 

Do you see Snow White and Prince Charming on the Mile Marker? image

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  1. kristinegift says:

    Oh the days when a marathon only cost $50 entry fee, lol. I didn’t even know Disney was opening today! It seems like just yesterday that my running friends were scrambling to register for the 26.2 and Dopey races. How time flies! Great post!

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  2. Pink Runner says:

    Getting into Disney races are no joke! Talk about stressing out when registering for these races! I’ve done Wine and Dine 3 times. The very first year they had it and the past two years. 2014 – it rained like crazy the whole time. I was drenched. 2015 there was a major storm that came through and they delayed the start by 1 1/2 hrs. Ended up being a 7 mile race instead of 13.1! I was so tired by that point (night race) I was happy it got shortened! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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