Tentative Next Race Season 2016-2017

My race season has now come and gone this year, and ended with the Star War’s Half Marathon at Walt Disney World. A friend of mine posted her next race season schedule on Facebook already. I don’t know what races I will concretely do this next season, but I have a few ideas I thought I would share. I probably won’t do all of these races, but they are the ones I am thinking about! Oh except the Walt Disney World Half Marathon. I am already registered for it, so that is definitely happening!

October: 13.1 Raleigh Race; Halloween Halfathon

November: Raleigh City of Oaks Half Marathon; Naples Fall Classic Half Marathon; Fort Meyers Half Marathon

December: Maybe a Holiday 5k? Hot Chocolate 5k?

January: Walt Disney World Half Marathon

February: Krispy Kreme Challenge; Gasparilla Distance Classic

March: First Watch Sarasota Half Marathon; St. Patrick’s Day 5k

April: Raleigh Rock n Roll Half Marathon & 5k

So like I said, I’m not sure but it’s fun thinking about it. If any of you are in FL or NC and have any awesome races in mind let me know! I’m interested.

What races are on your calendar next year?

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  1. kristinegift says:

    That’s a good roster! WDW will be so fun! All I’ve got so far for the fall is the Philly Marathon. I signed up early (as soon as registration opened!) because the price hikes get super expensive super fast.

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    1. Oh wow. I best the Philadelphia Marathon will be fantastic!


      1. kristinegift says:

        I ran it last year and had an awful time, so I’m hoping by running it again I can finally enjoy the course! I hear it’s quite scenic when you’re not running through leg cramps for the last 10 miles!

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      2. Oh gosh. That sounds terrible! Leg cramps are the worst.


  2. ive been wanting to do a hot chocolate but there isnt one in houston just yet. they look really fun and have great swag though!

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    1. Oh yeah I’ve seen advertisements for that race! I saw they have it in Orlando so I might do it one of these days.

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  3. bjscheirer says:

    I somewhat have to chuckle that your racing season begins in October as that is about the time my racing season would end. So far I don’t have any races lined up mostly because of the cost. We will be moving in July. Perhaps after that I’ll see what our finances look like and what races are in the area. Until then I get to live vicariously thorough you and other bloggers.


    1. Lol that’s the thing about living in Florida. Our race season starts when everyone else’s ends! Even October is unbearably hot here, might not race that month unless I’m somewhere else.

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