Race Bib Project

So I currently am waiting to start my new job in the next few weeks, so I have PLENTY of free time. Last week I decided to do a project with my old race bibs, so they could be on display instead of a shoe box. I got a free ideas on Pinterest to decoupage race bibs on letters. So I went to Joann Fabrics and bought: sparkly Mod Podge, Double sided tape, and a large cardboard letter ‘R’. The goal is the have enough race bibs in the upcoming years to spell ‘run’. After all my races, I place my race bibs in an old shoe box to keep them from getting destroyed in my closet. First I photo copied all of my race bibs so I could play with the shaping of them on the ‘R’. I was a bit terrified of cutting up my beautiful RunDisney race bibs, so this step pacified my worries. After I figured out how many race bibs I could get on the ‘R’, and where the race bib placements were going to be, I taped them to the cardboard ‘R’. This became a very important step in the project because it kept everything together, even after using the Mod Podge. The photo below is the ‘R’ before decoupaging. Oh and that’s my dog Lily in the photo too.

imageI used about 6 race bibs in total for the letter. It was very tricky covering the inside of the ‘R’, but I did it. ‘U’ and ‘N’ should be much easier letters to work with. Next, I put the Sparkly Mod Podge for the final touches. I think it turned out great and I’m very happy! I hope you can see the sparkle in the last photo. I might do another coat of Mod Podge, just so it looks nice and clean. Let me know if you want to do this project, and have any questions. I am interested though, what do you guys do with your race bibs?





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  1. Sarah says:

    I keep all mind in a scrapbook along with photos taken from the races.


  2. nice job! i like this idea 🙂 I have mine displayed on a board with my PR’s. easy projects are the best right!


  3. Bianca @ Mitten Runner says:

    Such a cute idea! I am still collecting mine for something…who knows what yet. Probably just a ‘bib wall’ in my gym when our house is finally finished being built. But I really LOVE this idea, I might have to steal it! 😉 I’d love to see your letters on display when you’re done.


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