Training and Girls on the Run Packet Pickup

Training since the Star Wars Half Marathon has been so-so. I’ve been running about 4 mile runs, 3-4 days a week. I’ve been doing some speed work each week, which I have noticed has really helped my 5k & 10k pace. With the temperatures rising in Florida, it’s getting harder to run longer distances. My long runs on Saturdays have only been about 5-6 miles. 😢 Oh and just last week, I found another alligator in a different pond I now need to avoid on my runs. Lol. Florida problems, I’m telling you! I didn’t get a good photo of the gator, but I definitely saw his head above water.

I may not be racking up the miles running like I did this winter or spring, but I at least usually run in the mornings, and in the evenings, I go on long walks with my pooch, Lily, and my fiancée. On a typical night we walk 2-3 miles. Last week, during the day Lily and I went walking about 2 miles at a local state park by my house. It was very nice! We saw a deer, and I am glad that is the ONLY wildlife we saw. I don’t think I am a girl cut out for trail running in the future. I’m a chicken! Here is a photo of Us walking Lily, the State Park, and Lily again:

This week, I ran an easy 4 miles on Monday at my 5k goal pace. Then on Wednesday, it was raining all day, so I thought I should just go for it. I ran in the rain for about 3.50 miles. I did speed work in the race. Lol. I thought I should take advantage of it being cooler outdoors. Maybe not the best idea, but it worked. I was suppose to run this morning, but staying up late for Cinco de Mayo the night before, I just wasn’t in the mood. I never want running to feel like a chore. But really, even when I do need to push myself more to out there, who ever is like ‘man I shouldn’t have gone for that run today’ Or ‘I shouldn’t have worked out today’? I’m going to say not many people lol.

You know how I said, the Star Wars Half Marathon was the end of my race season? Lies, I tell you. I ended up signing up for the Girl on The Run 5K in Tampa last weekend. Back in March, I signed up the volunteer for the 5K, but didn’t think I would actually run it. I had originally wanted to at least volunteer, because my college was sponsoring the race, and I also think GOTR is an awesome organization.  But, then last weekend when I was running with a friend, I thought ‘hey lets run the Girls on the Run 5K together next weekend!’

Fast forward a few days later, and today was packet pickup. Packet pickup was between 5-7pm at a nearby Fit2Run store. If you don’t live in Florida, or are not familiar with the store, it is just a speciality running store. It’s about an hour away from my house (due to rush hour traffic). Anyway, in my race packet I got a GOTR bib assigned to me, and a salmon colored shirt. I can’t wear this shirt tomorrow, because I have to wear the volunteer Girls on the Run shirt. Not sure what that looks like yet! Tomorrow morning I will be volunteering from 7AM-8:45AM at the Girls on the Run Race Village. I will be working at the Secret Anti-Bully Pledge Tent. If you knew me well, you would definitely think this fits my personality. I am the peacekeeper lol. imageHow familiar are you guys to the Girls on the Run organization? Anyone ever been to their races, or volunteered with the organization?

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  1. Amy says:

    We have Girls on the Run at the school I teach. It is a great program for the girls and they love it! It sounds like you are getting in some good miles. Keep it up! I just finished the Pittsburgh 1/2 marathon (race recap coming soon!) and thought is was time to take a long break, but I’m already starting to sniff out my next race! I understand how you feel. Oh, and Lily is precious! ~Amy

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    1. Thanks Amy! Congratulations on finishing the Pittsburg Half Marathon. Happy running! 😀

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  2. Reca says:

    The race in Atlanta conflicted with my mud run, but if it’s an open weekend next year, I want to do this with my daughter.

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  3. but seriously, running in the heat is no joke! i love the fit2run stores, i wish we had there here in Houston but alas we do not. i cant wait to hear about your race and volunteer experience, i know a little about girl on the run but havent heard about their races or anything before.


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