Girls on the Run 5K: Race Recap

This past Saturday morning, I volunteered and ran at the local Girls on the Run 5K. I started volunteering at 7AM at the Girls on the Run Race Village, but officially everyone start rolling in at 7:30AM. The other person I was suppose to volunteer with was a no show, so I was pleased there was some cushion room for the managers to find a replacement. Turned out a good thing they found someone else to volunteer with me because it got busy!image

I volunteered at the Secret Anti-Bully table. It was basically a way for the girls to say they won’t bully their peers in a fun and innovative way. There were two different pledges the girls could say on the table. Once they pledged to be ‘big hearted and not small minded,’ I then painted one of their pinky nails what color blue they wanted, and then they got to pick out sparkle/glitter. The table was very popular! Even some fathers got their pinkies painted blue and said the pledge. Most of the little girls were so sweet, and it was really awesome to share their excitement for their big race. I had sparkle all over my face and clothes from working this station. But it was worth seeing the girls smile! I feel really grateful I was able to volunteer for the Girls on the Run organization.

Before volunteering, I did not foresee the popularity of the anti-bullying table, so I left my race bib in the car. My thought was before the race I could shed the jacket I had on, get my sunglasses, headphones, and race bib. Oh and even drink some water! Well none of that happened. Luckily, my friend was running the 5K with me, and when she came to the race I asked her to go to the car for me. Bless her! However, I ended up not having any water or went to the restroom before the race. I would not recommend it for a great racing experience. My priority of the morning was to volunteer, not to PR for this race, so I just rolled with the punches.

At 8:50AM, after volunteering, I walked over to the starting line. The starting line was full with all things girly: sparkle, pink, nail polish, crazy colored temporary dyed hair, tutus, bows, ribbons, and more. The race was great seeing all the little girls running, and trying to meet their goals. I didn’t notice before, but all the Girls that participated in the Girls on the Run Program for (10?) weeks had race bibs with the #1. I thought that was very unique to this 5K as well. It makes all the girls feel special. Girls on the Run had Sparkle Runners for all the girls, to make sure no girl was running alone on the course. The route itself was a bit boring because it was a two loop parking lot route around the college. But hey, it made that last 1 mile easier because I knew exactly where the finish line was I guess lol. At the end we got a purple sparkle 5K medal. It’s adorable. My friend and I overall had a great time at the Girls on the Run 5K! I would recommend it to others to get involved with your local Girls on the Run organization. image

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  1. Reca says:

    That sounds like such a fun event. I definitely have to do this race if I can when they have it in Atlanta. Girls on the Run sounds like a wonderful organization!


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