Top 5 Tuesday: 5 International Races I’d Love to Run

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today’s Top 5 Tuesday topic is Top 5 International Races I’d love to run. Awhile back I did this type of post but with domestic races in the United States. For this post, the sky is the limit. I probably will not get to do any of these in my lifetime, but it is fun to dream. I guess I have my head in the clouds today, you could say!

Top 5 International Races I’d Love to Run

  1. London Marathon- A classic British race. I love everything about England, and London holds a special place in my heart. This is where I got engaged on New Years Eve, and spent 11 days with my fiancé after graduating with my Master’s degree.  I’ve read books, and seen YouTube videos of people completing the London Marathon. It seems just a epic as the Boston Marathon or New York City Marathon in the United States. I would love to go back to London!
  2. Medoc Marathon- What sounds better than running through vineyards and old chateaux in France? Every one seems to wear fancy costumes for this race as well.
  3. Great Wall Marathon- Now this would be a fantastic way to see China! I cannot imagine running 26.2 miles going up the steps of the Great Wall, but I’m sure all that pain is worth the views.
  4. Rock n Roll Half Marathon in Dublin, Ireland- This race passes all the tourist stops of the Irish city, such as the James Joyce Musuem, and the Guiness Brewery. Count me in for a Black Velevet drink in an old pub after this race!
  5. Paris Half Marathon- Running through the most romantic city in the world, and discovery the city in a whole different way. This sounds like a dream come true. I think this blog post is making me realize how much I want to go to France, because I could have added on here the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon. I decided not to for diversity.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarah says:

    I love London too, I studied abroad there for 6 weeks in college 🇬🇧


  2. I want to do London too! Great wall sounds awesome but that climb, me and my flat runs just dont know about that. My first international half is actually going to be this september im running the disneyland paris half and im super excited about it because hello paris, why would you not want to run there!?


  3. stokesh says:

    As someone that has run the London Marathon, I can tell you it lives up to the hype. It is AWESOME! I think everyone should run it at least once just to experience the volume of the crowd. Hope that you get in 🙂


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