Happy National Running Day!

imageHappy National Running Day! I hope no one uses some of the excuses I listed yesterday to not the run today. Even if it’s only 1 mile today in your busy schedule, do yourself a favor, and enjoy this glorious day. I’ve never heard of a run people regret afterwards.
Yesterday, I ran after work just 2.75 miles. Wow, it was a bad run. Basically right down the road from me was a huge fire. I didn’t know there was a fire when I first went out to run, or else I would have just gone to the gym. The fire was not on the road I was running, just to clarify. The fire was on the road perpendicular to the one I was on.
Anyway, last night as time passed from the fire I guess, the smoke was traveling. The whole way home I had to run in a light amount of smoke with some ash falling from the sky. There was no escaping it. Like I said the smoke and ash wasn’t terrible, but goodness did I feel sick on the way home. I ended up not running a 5K like I planned to and walked most of the way home. I’m not sure if it was running in that smoke or what the problem was, but it was terrible.

I’m hoping today is a better run! I’ll be running at the gym today and my goal is about 4-5 miles. How will you be celebrating National Running Day?


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  1. bjscheirer says:

    I guess I had the “feeling” excuse, but I have been fighting a cold this week. I wanted a run most of the days this week, but my health wasn’t going to let it happen. I did get a mile today (finally).


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