Running in the Swampland

imageGreeting from the Swampland I call home! Or in other words, Florida in the summer. Lol. I hope every one has had a nice weekend full of relaxation and running.

As some of you may know, I started a new job with an extended commute a month ago. I’ve been doing a really good job so far of running three times a week. Usually I run Sunday, Saturday, and 1-2 days after work. On my past blog post, another blogger gave me great advice on how to fit running into a busy work schedule. She said don’t sit down, because once you sit down it’s game over. I have found this to be so true! I’ve noticed using the Dr  Cool towel I got at the Star Wars Half Marathon helps me cool off my forehead on my runs.image

I only run about 3-4 miles outside each time I run because it’s so hot outside. I don’t know how people who run 5 plus miles outside in the humidity like Tampa has right now.  I went to a local park with a friend on Saturday and ran 2 miles, then walked 5 miles with her.

Even though the weather is a major obstacle for my runs, I still enjoy running outside. I do try to run in the gym in my neighborhood, but the treadmills always seem to not be free when I go. Also, when I run outside I get to see wildlife like cute bunnies and scary alligators. Lol.image

I see most of you are racing this summer. I am living through you guys! There are no races I signed up for this summer. Mostly because the races in Florida right now are trail runs. I am not a trail runner. Maybe one day in the future. Lol.  Anyway, good luck to every one with future races this summer 🙂

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  1. im with you its way too hot to run right now. im in houston so i have pretty much the same climate and it SUCKS!!!!


  2. our humidity in Dc gets pretty rough in the summer. I used to live in FL and i know the humidity sucks down there. still impressive that you’re getting a few miles in!


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