Big News Everyone!

Greetings Everyone! I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend and happy Friday! Long time no see 🙂 I’m sorry I have been able to blog for two weeks but there are some BIG changes going on in my household. First off let’s start off with the little things: I turned 25 and my family came to visit. Now for the big things: both of my grandfathers were in the hospital; one of them had major surgery and has pulled through; oh yeah and I’m moving!
My fiancé and I are moving to North Carolina this month near my family!! He got a great job there so we are excited much to the dismay of other family members who have extreme opposition. Some of them will stop at nothing to get us not the leave Tampa. It’s very upsetting for my fiancé and I.

So while I’ve been away from blogging for a couple of weeks, I have been running my regular route outside my neighborhood, and I was able to run at Indian Shores Beach. I’ve got a couple of photos to share during my runs! Indian Shores Beach was beautiful, and I ran as the sun was setting. It was very busy as you can imagine in the summer, so I had to keep dodging people. I went about 4 miles.image

It really is seemingly too hot for me to do anything but 3-4 miles outside. I still have not gone on a treadmill this year yet. I know I probably should to rack the miles. It’s just when I get home from work, my little apartment gym is jam-packed. And I think to myself instead of waiting for the treadmill to clear, I mind as well run outside. How is everyone else doing? I’ve missed my blogger friends!

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  1. I’m glad to hear your grandfather pulled through! Where in NC are you moving to?? I’m in western NC!

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    1. I’ll be in The Raleigh-Durham area 🙂

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  2. I’ve heard that NC is really nice — I’ve always wanted to go (I’ve only ever driven through it).

    I was already forced to the treadmill yesterday & while it’s hot & humid for us, nothing like it is for you!

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  3. glad to hear your grandfathers is ok! i visited north carolina earlier this year its so pretty!!! mountains one way ocean the other best of both worlds!!!

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  4. stokesh says:

    Good luck with your move! Exciting times ahead. I would make the most of that gorgeous route while you can 🙂

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  5. Exciting! Best of luck with the move and I’m sure you’ll love it… Beautiful pic! Great to hear about your grandfather as well, of course!

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  6. Reca says:

    Happy birthday! And glad your grandfather is okay, what part of NC are you moving to!

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    1. Reca says:

      That was supposed to be a ? not an ! Long work week means I should put down iPad and go to sleep.


    2. Thank you! I’m moving to The Raleigh Durham area


  7. bjscheirer says:

    Raleigh is a beautiful area. The city has a lot of life to it and I doubt you’ll get bored. Congrats to your Fiance on his job.

    As far as the family is concerned, I know how that battle goes. It will take time as a healer, but be sure not to take anything personally during this time of transition. It is hard for all parties involved.

    Good luck!


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