Yoga and Kayaking

Yoga Mats

Hello everyone! I hope all my blogger friends are doing wonderful. The past couple of weeks I have been trying to beat the summer heat by trying out other sports/physical activity. In the last few weeks, a friend from work got me really into trying a yoga class. I signed up for my first yoga class in Downtown Tampa and fell in love with it! I’ve done a couple of yoga classes at the university I went to years ago, but this yoga class I went to felt challenging. When exercising I think changing and challenging yourself to go that extra mile (literally when I run) is so important to improve yourself. In Downtown Tampa, the instructor had such a calming effect on her students, and it felt like I was at a spa resort or something. All my worries about the upcoming North Carolina move drifted away. Near the end of the class, the instructor wanted us to go on the wall. I mean basically planking on the floor, and kicking your feet above your head on the wall. I guess a handstand, if you will. I did the best I could lol. I kept saying “I’m a runner! I’m not meant to bend this way!”

After such a great experience with the first yoga class, another friend suggested we try aerial/swing yoga in St. Petersburg. We tried a class one night after work and once again I loved the class. The swing in the yoga class was used as an aid to test our strength and flexibility. During the last 15 minutes we were able to sit on the swings and go upside down. I was upside down for a few minutes lol. Nothing more. It was a great experience though trying something new. image

During my fiancé and I’s last weekend living in Tampa we decided to go kayaking. I’ve gone kayaking on vacations to Maine but never Florida. I’ve always been too much of a chicken. Once years ago, I went canoeing on Hillsborough River with my middle school class on a field trip and saw an unbelievable amount of snakes and alligator. That is what nightmares are made of. Anyway, that experience deterred me from kayaking in Florida. Boy was I wrong! We went kayaking in the sea with our friends so yay! No alligators! ….Just sharks lol. We had a blast and it was a fantastic way to spend our last weekend. image

Now, my fiancé and I have finally made the move to North Carolina this week. We are very excited to be in this new city! I will say, the weather is much hotter in NC than FL. I feel I sound silly saying that but it is so true. Did we really just move north? Lol. I’ve been running about 3 miles each time I run, and mixing in some yoga. I plan on joining a local running club to meet new people in the city. There are no greater friends than your running buddies! 🙂 Also, I’ll be going to a yoga class this Sunday at the local “Beer Garden” with my sister and best friend. Can’t wait to try it!

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