Fitbit Blaze Review

Fitbit Blaze Review


***Note- This blog post is not sponsoring Fitbit in any way, shape, or form. This post is merely from one runner to another.

I want to organize this review in different categories. I’ve seen others do this with sneaker reviews on Amazon, and I like it. I’ve had two Fitbit Charges in the past and had lots of trouble with the band, functionality, and charging device. I was not impressed with the Fitbit brand since I was utterly disappointed the Fitbit was not working for me. Maybe I had two lemons, I’m not sure. Now, that I have the Fitbit Blaze, I wanted to write this review for the folks like me: the people that have had a Fitbit before.

Review Categories: style, functionality, running features. The scale is 1-5. 5 being the best; 1 being the worst.

Style- The look of the FitBit Blaze is very sleek. I get questions all the time asking if it’s an Apple Watch- so I feel this gadget looks more expensive than it really is. It is a bit on the bulky side-but I want a big watch while I am running. I like how you can change the band colors too. The Fitbit was given to me with the blue band. When I am not so tight with money, I would like to get another band color to change it up. Not necessary but cool. Rating- 4 ****

Functionality- I love how it is a watch, and throughout the day a circle forms around the clock signifying the steps you have so far taken that day. For example, a whole outline of the clock means you have met your goal of say 10,000 steps. Also, I enjoy how it keeps track of how long you have been sitting. That was very important when I had my desk job in St. Petersburg this summer. I’ve heard people tell me that sitting is the new smoking. A sedentary lifestyle is so unhealthy for you. Also, I do appreciate the 5 days a week exercise goal it has for me. It is usually not a problem for me to run or do yoga 5x a week, but it holds me accountable. The battery life of this baby can last you 5-7 days. Rating- 5 *****

Running- Using my FitBit Blaze for running has really helped me not blow data on my phone and also preserve my phone battery. It’s very easy to use- a couple swipes and I’m ready to run. It tells me my heart rate, my pace, distance, time, and control my music from my phone. I love how even though my hands are all sweaty, I can still swipe my FitBit Blaze to find out the distance I’ve run. Also, with each mile you run- your wrist will vibrate. The FItBit Blaze also keeps track of your running path. My downside is: I went running with a friend and our pace on our technology watches (LOL) were different. My Fitbit Blaze was a full 10 seconds faster. We were running together at the same pace so I’m not sure. That is the only concern that I truly have with this device. Rating- 3.5 ***

I hope this helped anyone considering purchasing this device for your friends, family, or yourself! This Fitbit Blaze has helped me make and reach even more wellness goals than I have in the past. My overall rating of the FitBit Blaze is a 4 ****.

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  1. Love my Garmin Vivoactive (which I can swim with), even if it does randomly dump steps sometimes.

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    1. That’s really awesome you can swim with it! I don’t even dare have my Fitbit near water like washing dishes lol. It would probably be fine, but I’m paranoid.

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      1. It’s part of why I went with the vivoactive over the 225 (at the time). I liked the fact that you could run, walk, swim & bike with it, that it’s a fitness tracker, and tracks sleep, too.

        Plus more! Of course it wasn’t cheap, and when I bought it it didn’t have the HRM it has now (the strapless one, that is).


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