Yoga at the Raleigh Beer Garden & Running Update

Happy Friday everyone! So last night my fiancé informed me that I haven’t posted lately on my blog and he is certainly correct. 😉

Last week, I blogged and told you guys that I might be trying a new yoga class in Raleigh. My sister and best friend came with me Sunday morning to the Raleigh Beer Garden for yoga.image

The Raleigh beer garden and Corepower Yoga instructors offer free yoga to the community every Sunday. As it was July 31st, you can imagine it was HOT outside. The hour long class took place on gravel at the picnic table area of the bar. The shade from umbrellas helped mask the heat and helped us focus on our practice. I don’t think my best friend enjoyed it much-this was her first yoga experience. However, my sister and I love it. We will be going back 🙂

As for running, I am no longer using the MapMyRun app. I have switched over completely using my Fitbit Blaze, I got for my birthday. I’m hoping it is as accurate. I will be doing a review of this product if anyone is interested.

I have not yet gone to FleetFeet’s social runs they hold on Wednesday and Saturday. I think I may go to the one on Saturday morning. It’s not as close as I would like it to be from my new home, but I’m in a new city and need to meet more friends. I think I may be making excuses about how far away FleetFeet is because I am a little nervous about getting there and running slower than everyone else. I have been doing a 9:40-9:50 pace outside this summer. In cooler temperatures, like everyone else, I am usually 1 minute less than that. I’ll muster up the courage to get out there to Fleet Feet though.

Currently, I’ve been running my usual summer routine- 3-4 miles about 3 times a week. I can’t wait for Fall! I need to look up new races in this city and go exploring. I have no idea what races are in the Raleigh area besides the Rock’n’Roll Marathon in April. Time to start planning my race season! 🙂

How is everyone else doing?

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