Rio 2016 Olympics: Women’s Marathon


Good morning everyone!

The Rio 2016 Olympic Marathon Schedule:

8/14/2016 at 8:30AM est.- Women’s Marathon

8/21/2016 at 8:30AM est.- Men’s Marathon

I am home now enjoying this beautiful Sunday morning watching the Women’s Olympic Marathon on TV. I’ve been waiting for this day since watching the Olympic Trials back in February!

This morning, I am really excited to see Shalane Flanagan, Desiree Linden, and Amy Cragg kick some butt. Go USA! I love Shalane and Amy’s friendship that really shines through on their instagrams, and of course the Olympic Trial. Watching Shalane Flanagan collapse after the marathon was so scary, but Amy was there to catch her. It was just extremely hot in Los Angeles for the trials.image

Twenty minutes into the Rio Olympic Marathon, I’m seeing Shalane and Amy are sticking close together. They are very serious about hydrating, and I see that they have their water bottles in hand, and not just relying on the water stations. Maybe this is a speed tactic. I’m just so glad that they have their water, because no one wants a repeat of the Olympic Trials for any of our USA women. Also, 5 miles into the Olympics Marathon in Rio, I am seeing Desiree Linden in the front of the pack. Go Desiree! She must be feeling great to do that. 🙂 image

I remember seeing Shalane Flanagan during the Gasparilla Distance Classic Race Weekend speaks right before my two races: the 15K and the 8K. She was so kind and encouraging to all of us everyday runners. If you are more interested in learning about Shalane, she is on this month’s cover of Runner’s World, and she coauthored a new cookbook called Run Fast, Eat Slow.image

I looked up the marathon course in Rio on the Runner’s World website and it looks fairly flat. It is just that there are many turns on this course. I think our USA ladies have a great chance of winning a gold medal today. Stay tuned. Go USA!

I’ll discuss the Men’s Marathon next Sunday!

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  1. i am so bummed i missed seeing the race! i was traveling for work and totally missed out 😦


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