It’s beginning to look a lot like 1/2 marathon training

image With the cooler climate and crisp air in the mornings, it’s beginning to look like my 1/2 marathon training is starting. Throughout the summer, I continued speed work and ran 3-4 miles each time I ran. Now, we are onto long distance running (my absolute favorite). I am following one of the Disney half marathon training plans loosely. I only say loosely because I didn’t start on the exact date that is written. I am just going by week one, week two, and so on.

Last weekend was my 6 mile run. Man did it feel difficult after the 4th mile. I really feel that long distance running training is not just about the physical aspects of training but also the mental. During the summer, I was so use to finishing up my run at mile 4. When it came time to run even further than 4 miles, my mind was yelling ‘let’s stop!’  I ignored that little voice in my head, and did a mental check. Is anything hurting? Am I thirsty? Am I too hot? Nope, I was fine. I haven’t run 6 miles since June.

Yesterday, I ran 7 miles. I had my Nathan’s hydration belt, I had podcasts ready, and I had fuel ready. Everything was checked off my list for my long runs. The weather was a bit hot-upper 70s, but I was feeling good throughout the 7 miles. Twice, I stopped and walked a small amount (mostly because I saw loose dogs out in their yard with no fences/ no people). I never can tell if they have an invisible fence or not. I wish there were signs on my neighbors yard. I just feel it never hurts for me as a runner to be cautious. During mile 3, I tried a new GU flavor (maple; its wasn’t the GU brand, it was Untapped) and was in love.

7 miles were going by in a breeze. Then I just made it to the 7 mile mark, and started to cool down with a walk. I completely vomited the Untapped Maple GU. It was disgusting. A fellow runner saw that I was sick, and ran over to see if I was okay. That small act of kindness meant so much to me. I was close to my house so it wasn’t so awful. To say the least that run went to fantastic to blah in the matter of seconds. In retrospect, I should have been more hydrated, I should have been looking at my heart rate, and I should have taken more walking breaks. All of these steps would have helped prevent overheating. I really need to research heart rate training! It could have been from trying new Untapped Maple GU, but I highly doubt it. Lesson has been learned!

Have any of you had bad runs, and how did you overcome them?

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  1. Bad runs will always, but you’ll never know when. They’re predictably unpredictable. Know that one bad run is not a reflection of training nor does it mean the next one will be bad. The bad runs are what make the good runs worth it.

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    1. Thank you for the inspiring words! 🙂


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