Top 5 Tuesday: What are you listening to?

Now that race season is drawing nearer, I want to get back into writing Top 5 Tuesday posts. Many people as they are running have headphones in their ears. What are they listening to? (Kudos, to all those runners out there that don’t need anything but their running shoes and the great outdoors).  I’m not sure what others are listening to but I can tell you if you see me running there are a few things I could be listening to. Basically it comes down to music or podcasts, but let me be more specific.

Top 5 Tuesday: What are you listening to?

1. Spotify Fun Workout Playlist: The playlist updates itself with the best and newest pop music for a high intensity workout. The music is usually really uplifting and can keep me going for miles!

2. Human Race podcast: This is by far my favorite podcast! It’s the newest Runner’s World podcast hosted by Rachel Swaby. Rachel’s voice is so calming and makes for a fantastic early morning run on those causal days where speed does not matter. What I really love about this podcast is it spotlights very unique runners in each episode. I love stories, and this podcast is basically story telling these runners lives. If you are interested in this podcast, I recommend trying out the Tin Man episode about a man who runs with an artificial heart or the Sylvia episode about a runner who learned to run during World War 2. So many feels about this podcast!

3. Country Music playlist: I have a country music playlist that ranges from Jason Aldean, Darius Rucker, Florida Georgia Line, to Carrie Underwood. Any upbeat and happy country songs on the radio is on this playlist. I mostly love listen to Carrie Underwood, because many of her songs just sound so bad ass. Listen to hear lyrics and tell me what you think. Lol. Country song are another way of story telling I just love listening to while I run.

4. The Running lifestyle Show podcast: This podcast is hosted by Kari Gormley. Kari interviews professionals such as dietitians or even experienced runners. The topics range from highlighting big races in the U.S., talking about yoga for runners, nutrition, hydration, and much more. This podcast provides runners with knowledge to be a better runner, and provides key tips from experienced runners. I recommend listening to the Why You Need Yoga as an Athlete episode if you are interested in starting yoga as a way to train for your next big race. Also, the podcast, Seven Disney Races was so much fun to listen to if you are a run Disney fan.

5. 90’s Music Playlist: I am a 90’s baby, and there is nothing like going for an evening run after work and jamming to Backstreet Boys and Blink 182. I’ve got The Cranberries hits on that playlist, I have Nirvana’s Smells like Teen Spirit, I have the Space Jam song…I have it all.

This week on my next run I’m going to be trying out the original Runner’s World podcast. I see they have interviewed many Olympians such as Meb and Shalane so I may start with that.

What are you guys listening to when you run?

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  1. Kaitlin D. Durbin says:

    I recently found the “Workout Remix” playlist on Spotify. If I’m not listening to that or one of my playlists I’ve pre-made for half marathons in the past, I’m consuming podcasts like mad! Radiolab, 2 Dope Queens, and The No Sleep Podcast are my top 3!


  2. Amy Warntz says:

    I have been seeing Podcasts more and more lately. Unfortunately I don’t run with my phone but I will check them out anyway. My iPod hasn’t been updated lately so I can’t remember all the songs on my one lone playlist. I am a big fan of Pit Bull though!!!!


  3. annette92 says:

    Love it! I’m a 90’s baby too, and when the Spice Girls come on, I think my pace speeds up dramatically! haha

    Thanks for sharing about the Human Race podcast. I can’t wait to check it out! Right now, I’m currently obsessed with the Chainsmokers. They have some great, upbeat tunes that are really easy to run to. I don’t always listen to music when I run, but when I do, Taylor Swift is a classic go to!


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