The World’s Okayest Runner after a bad run

They say that does not kill you, makes you stronger.

Well, wow. Last week’s long run ended miserably with vomit and a sick stomach. I felt slightly defeated, even though we have all endured those bad runs.


Yesterday was another long run day, and I went 8 miles. It felt fantastic. One run can take you many places-physically or mentally. It was just what I needed after a bad run day. I went out at 7AM in my neighborhood and the mist was so thick. I made sure to run on the opposite side of the road while I was running, but the whole time, I didn’t see a sole (haha see what I did there….sole instead of soul…like shoe sole). The Runner’s World Show podcast kept me running miles and miles. My favorite podcast is still The Human Race, but the Runner’s World Show has a nice mix of speakers. Go check it out! My pace was at an average of 10:04 per mile, but unfortunately I did not have negative splits in the last couple of miles. I really need to work on this race season, starting out slow. I’ve heard on podcasts, that is the top race mistake people make- starting a race too fast.

After my great run, I was so so so happy. I was planning my running costume for the Disney half marathon in January, looking up group social runs, and local races. You can say I was inspired. That runner’s high is the real deal.


There is this running quote (see above), I really love that I wanted to share. It’s really not just about your running lifestyle, but can be applied to all problems or aspects of your life. I do feel when I run back to back days, everything about running does become easier. I feel like my pace is faster, my breath becomes easier, and I feel my run is effortless.

I really think those bad runs test your mental strength in runnning. We,  you and I, need to know we can do anything we put our mind to. I found it interesting that Olympian Deena Kastor visualizes every race prior to the events. She visualizes it in so much detail that she breaks out in a sweat. I’m not trying to go for a world record here, so I don’t need to be that dedicated to visualizing a race. However, I can see how visually a positive outcome can really help and mentally prepare yourself. I’m happy where my progress is going,  and I’m happy with knowing I’m the World’s Okayest Runner (haha)!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. cplasters says:

    A pun is funnier when not explained…. and you didn’t need too!!! 😁. I started listening to The Human Race after your suggestion in your last post. I’m on episode six and I must agree, it is a very good podcast!


    1. I’m glad you are liking the Human Race podcasts. I love hearing about these unique runners stories! Are there any podcasts you recommend similar to the Human Race?


  2. Reca says:

    It’s always great when you have an amazing run after a bad one. I’m going to have to check out some of the podcasts.


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