Top 5 Tuesday: YouTube Fitness Channels

Hello blogger friends! This week’s top 5 Tuesday, I wanted to dive into the YouTube world. There are so many Fitness Stars on YouTube to watch nowadays. I’ve been a big fan of watching/ working out to YouTube Fitness videos since 2012. They are the perfect way to get tips, tricks, and moves for all around fitness. Some of these channels are not runner channels, but they offer something for every runner out there. Meaning their Fitness videos can appeal to a large crowd of viewers. (After complying the list of YouTube channels I follow, I just realized they are all women!) Let me know what YouTube channels you guys watch too!

Top 5 YouTube Fitness Channels:


1. Blogilates with Casey Ho- I had to put Casey Ho at the top of the list because she is the first YouTube Fitness channel I discovered back in 2012. Casey excels in the realm of Pilates. She offers beginner Pilates all the way to advanced Pilates, so that wherever you are in your fitness journey, it is challenging. She loves repetitions and holding moves until you want to cry. This is the perfect channel for you if you are looking to cross train on your days off from running.


2. Sara Fit- Sara is another YouTube channel I have been subscribed to for many years. Sara is known for a lot of strength training videos, but she also has made many runner related videos. Sara is a runner and has made half marathon tip videos, funny running videos, and even blogged her experience at races (while running!) She has completed many races and has a lot to say about the world of running.


3. My Heart Races- This is one of the fairly new channels I have been following, but Maury is great. She is a mother of 4 children, and she is on a mission to run a marathon on each continent. She is very inspirational, and it’s a wonder how she does it all! Her channels provides runners with advice, tips, and tricks! She has so much information on half marathons and I soaked all the information in before my first half marathon.


4. Yoga with Adrienne- As her channel insinuates, Adrienne’s YouTube channel is devoted to yoga. However, Adrienne has a Yoga for Runners series I adore. It’s great for those lazy days after you finished your long run in the morning. Or even it’s a great pick me up after work. I can really feel how tight I am in my legs at the beginning of the yoga session, and by the end I feel so much better. Completely recommend!


5. Tone It Up- Kat & Karina are two friends that years ago met at a gym working out and hit it off. Now they have a huge successful business with Fitness DVDs, protein powder, and meal plans. I am not part of their Bikini Body or Tone It Up crew, but I do enjoy doing their 10 minute short workout videos. Usually each workout video targets a different part of your body. To make it a whole workout routine, you just do multiple of their videos. The girls are fun, and their workouts are short but challenging.

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  1. i love casey! i’ve been doing her monthly calendar to bring back some cross training into my workouts. so hard you will cry is right!!


  2. Reca says:

    I’m going to have to check some of these out. I love the runners for yoga video from yoga with Adriene. It’s great especially since I have a stress fracture in my foot and I have barely any modifications to accommodate that.

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