Top 5 Tuesday: Top Cities in America I’d like to run

In light of the recent Runner’s World magazine, October 2016, I wanted to make the Top 5 Tuesday topic about 5 cities in the United States I’d love to run. In this magazine, there was an article that found the 50 best running cities in the United States. The #1 best running city was San Francisco, California, #2 Seattle, Washington, and #3 Boston Massachusetts.  Raleigh, North Carolina (where I live now) made it to #19 on the list overall, but #1 for the best running city in the south. Yay! Tampa, Florida (where I just moved from) made the list at #32.

Here is the article online to reference:

Top 5 Cities in America I’d like to run:

1. Boston, Massachusetts- I would love to run the HarborWalk, or any part of the Boston Marathon course like Headtbreak Hill, or Boylston Street.

2. Washington, DC- For anyone that has been to Washington, I am sure you saw many, MANY runners on the street. I think running past the Washington Monument, or the Lincoln Memorial would be so surreal. Makes me Maybe even running through the posh neighborhood of Georgetown would be something neat to do there.

3. Asheville, North Carolina- Talk about hill work! Running around the Biltmore Estate, or one of the many trail runs would be a fantastic experience to get more in touch with nature. Gosh, even Downtown Asheville would be fun with its artistsy feel, and hipster cafes.

4. New York, New York- So many shops, cafes, restaurants, bakeries, and more are in New York City. It would be epic to run past Time Square, Brooklyn Bridge, or go through Central Park. This is definitely on the bucket list.

5. Honolulu, Hawaii- Specifically along the beach. The beaches I’ve heard are so different than Florida beaches. I’m ready for a change- bring on the beach running in Hawaii. Afterwards, I will have Kona Coffee and Macadamia Nuts, thank you very much.

***Where are you guys interested in traveling to and running the city?


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  1. Having been to San Francisco, it’s a beautiful city, but I wouldn’t fancy doing any races there! Not a big fan of hills. Can you imagine running up (or down) Lombard Street 🙂

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