Top 5 Tuesday: Running Confessions

Happy Top 5 Tuesday everyone! I wanted to make this Top 5 Tuesday about all things I don’t do by the book or perfectly with running. We all make mistakes, or repeat bad habits. I’m here to tell beginner runners that they are not alone. All of these mistakes or habits, I do not recommend for other runners I know some of my habits are not good either but I’m working on it.

I’d like to title this segment: Running Confessions. Another blogger, has a runfessions segment to her blog that I just adore. Once I look it up and find out who the blogger is, I will credit them.

Top 5 Tuesday- Running Confessions:

1. After my short runs I do not have a post workout meal. I put Nuun in my water, and call it a day.
2. I rarely match perfectly when I’m training at home. I’ll just put on what I feel like such as Orange, black, and pink clothes. Looks good enough. Lol.
3. You will never see me in colored shorts for a race. Yes maybe the Nike shorts with shorts in it but that is it. I’ve seen plenty of RunDisney photos where it looks like people peed in their pants, but it is just sweat. Not happening to me.
4. Every other run I switch my running shoes. I have two pairs of sneakers. One day I’ll wear the gray pair and the next I’ll wear the blue pair. I feel like I’m evening out the wear of my sneakers this way. I need to be fair to my sneakers. Lol.
5. I always have to have sunglasses. Sunglasses are even more of a necessity than music on my runs. I feel if I forget my sunglasses, my run is 10 times more of an effort. If it is a cloudy day in North Carolina, instead of sunglasses I’ll bring a hat. No matter what I’m always prepared for the sun.

What are your weird habits when you run? img_5676


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  1. liebalouisa says:

    Whenever I buy new running shoes, they have to be black and white. (Hard to find because most running shoes are bright and colorful) I’m not sure why haha, but I don’t like running in colored shoes.

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    1. Lol. I bet it is a little hard finding b&w sneakers nowadays!

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  2. I always have to wear sunglasses to. I’ll actually walk back to my house to get them if I for some weird reason forgot them. I always also have to wear my flip belt and a headband to hold my headphones in. If I don’t have those 3 things I feel like I cannot run well! So weird lol

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    1. I will walk back home for my sunglasses too!

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  3. Ashley Dailey says:

    lol I also have to run with my sunglasses! I mean, they can help protect your eyes from dust and debris, along with the sun, and that comes in handy on the crazy windy days we get here in Kansas!


  4. im with you on the sunglasses front! for long runs i have my visor and have my sunglasses in my fuel belt for when the sun comes up. aint nobody got time for squinty runs πŸ™‚


  5. No calf sleeves = No run πŸ˜‚


  6. Really enjoyed this post! πŸ™‚


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