Bull City RunFest- 5 mile race

Hello! It’s been almost one week since the Bull City RunFest and Food Truck Rodeo in Durham, North Carolina and I wanted to share my experience. I raced in the 5 mile distance, but that same morning they had the half marathon as well. Because this was my first race of the season, I wanted to run a shorter distance. In all honesty as well, I heard the half marathon was VERY difficult with the amount of hills.

On Saturday, runners had to go to expo and pick up their bibs. Unfortunately I had to work that Saturday for a special event for the health insurance company I work for. My fiancé very kindly offered to pick up my race bib. He said the expo wasn’t very large, but the vendors that were there such as Fleet Feet Sports had great prices. He surprised me with new Features! Socks, and underarmour shorts. Pretty sweet 🙂 I forgot my race bib would have my name on it, so when I received my bib I was plenty thrilled.

Sunday morning, the day of the 5 mile race was an early wake up call. I do not live in Durham, so it wasn’t like the race was right down the street. Once we arrived in Downtown Durham, the first sighting was a plethora of port-a-potties on the street. A runner’s dream if they are about to race! There was never a line the entire time of the racing event. Just thinking about the lines for the port-a-potty at events like RunDisney or Gasparilla Distance Classic makes me irk. They get disgusting quickly.

Moving on from the port-a-potties, the Bull City RunFest was a medium sized race. We did not have corrals, no pacers, there was plenty of room on the course, and overall no congestion. I loved howit was a very relaxed start to the race. My fiancé, whom was no running the race, was next to me up until the race start. This was great for me because I was able to shed my jacket at last minute and hand it to him. The weather Sunday morning was about 55 degrees- my favorite kind of weather to run in. I wore shorts, a long sleeve tech shirt, and compression calf sleeves. I was ready to speed on through!

The course, as expected, was hilly. My pace goal was to go less than 10 minutes per miles. I wasn’t sure what to expect my pace would be with the hills. I was spoiled in Florida with very few hills on my usual running trail. Like I said before the start of the race was very relaxed. There were no pacers, so everyone just sort of lined up, no matter what their pace was. I went past the walkers quickly, and found a comfortable past in Mile 1 & 2. I kept up with this one particular man in the race. It felt like we were both at the same constant pace compared to others around me. I used him as a marker to make sure I did not fall behind. At Mile 2, I decided to glance at my Fitbit to see my pace and I was at 8’40. I was kind of shocked at myself- I do not usually go that fast. (This is fast in relevance to my typical speed- of course everyone is different).

Mile 3 came by and I had the most unbelievable cramp on my right side. I remember thinking- I want to quit right here and now. I refused. I knew I was tougher than that. So I clasped my cramp with my hand and put pressure on it while running. This seemed to help dull the pain, and by Mile 4 the cramp was old news. I finally was approaching the finish line and I had this feeling I wanted to vomit. Does anyone else have that urge to vomit at the finish line? I didn’t vomit-but I have once before at a race finish line in front of all the spectators. I was so embarrassed. I think I get anxious at finish lines that it will happen again. I need to get past it. Have you had any experiences like that?

Throughout the 5 mile course, I got the see my fiancé three times which was great! I finished in 44 minutes. At the finish line all the participants got a big medal that doubledJ as a bottle opener. There were tons of food trucks for us to choose from too. My fiancé and I shared a lobster roll at 9 in the morning-but hey it’s all the experience! My official pace was eight minutes and fifty two seconds. I was really pleased. It was a tough race for me and I worked really hard. I definitely want to run in Downtown Durham again.

Stay tuned for my Top five Tuesday posts, and the upcoming half marathon I’m running in two weeks!

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