Training Update & SmartWool Socks Review

img_5716Happy Wednesday! I wrote this post on Sunday but here you go…
Sundays are my long run days. When do you plan your long runs?

In just two weeks,I will be running the City of Oaks Half Marathon in Raleigh, North Carolina. Woot,woot! It will be my first Half Marathon of the race season. I’ve been running three times a week. One casual short run where I listen to podcasts; one interval run; one long run. My favorite runs are the long and slow runs. It makes me appreciate the moment I am in or the mile that I am in.

This Sunday was a 10 mile long run. On Saturday evening, my fiancé looked at the weather forecast for Sunday morning since I was planning my long run at that time. The forecast said it would be 40 degrees out! brr! Recently moving from Florida, let me just tell you I do not have the proper winter running clothes. Winter in Florida required shorts and a light jacket. I kid you not. Living in North Carolina now, it is a whole different ball game.

I recently when to TJ Maxx and Marshalls to buy name brand winter running clothes such as two long running leggings, and a Nike fleece running jacket. I still need to buy an athletic vest- but I really don’t want anything with down in it. This is my personal preference but I think I rather have synthetic fibers. I’ve seen Columbia Sports clothes have this and my ski jacket is made of synthetic fibers. It keeps me plenty warm.

Moving on, I next needed really warm running socks. As any runner knows, not just any running socks will do. You want socks the keep you dry, are comfortable, and don’t cause blisters. I was suppose to go to a SmartWool demo on Saturday morning with a local running group, but I over slept. 😦

After reading good reviews online, I decided to go to Dicks Sporting Goods with my dad who was nice enough to come with me. They had a few selections of SmartWool socks. I got the shorter pink version- great style. This morning trying them out was fantastic! I highly recommend them on cold runs. They were thick and comfortable throughout the 10 miles. When I got home I couldn’t believe they were still dry as a bone on my feet.

SmartWool socks overall get a 4.5 star rating from me. I docked half a pointed because I felt they were fairly expensive. I will be buying more SmartWool socks in the future though!

**Disclaimer: This post is by no means endorsed by the SmartWool Company. I merely reviewed the product from one runner to another**

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  1. Good running socks ARE expensive. And Smartwool is a good brand. I like them — but my favorites so far are Balega & Feetures. You can never have too many running socks, though. 🙂


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