City of Oaks Race Expo

It’s beginning to look a lot like race weekend again 🙂 Yay! This Sunday morning, I will be running the City of Oaks Half Marathon. The weather has been checked (low 40s),  and the outfit has been picked. Next step: to the expo!


My fiancé and I this morning first went out for breakfast at a local restaurant, and then it was time to drive to the City of Oaks Marathon expo. The expo was at the local fairgrounds. The expo was medium sized- not the biggest expo like Run Disney hosts, but definitely not the smallest.

There were quite a few vendors at the expo with great deals on energy gels and fuel. I stocked up to say the least. My favorite energy gel is Cliff Razz. It is the flavor I will be taking with me tomorrow. I also got a pair of throw away gloves that says runner girl. I’ve never seen this before but it’s probably because I lived in Florida before. Ingenious idea. I will probably start off the race with them tomorrow.img_5813

There was no line for my race bib or shirt, which made me happy. I’ll never forget waiting in a line for an hour for my race bib for the Gasparilla Distance Classic. The race shirt is a very nice design and because it is the 10th anniversary of the race, I got running socks. Very nice idea.


I was reviewing the race course, and it looks like the hardest miles will be 2 and 7. The elevation fluctuates quite a bit especially on mile 7. My fiancé is coming with a little backpack ready to help hold my things during the race, and show his support. It is now the eve of the half marathon, and I’m feeling a little apprehensive but ready!


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