Top 5 Tuesday: 5 reasons why being a new runner is awesome

imageHello, all! I wanted this week’s Top 5 Tuesday topic to celebrate all those new runners out there. All of us runners have been there. It’s a time in every runners life that is filled with joy, tears, happiness, and frustration all at the same time. But I promise, you will get there. You will make you goals. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. 

5 Reasons why being a new runner is awesome

1. You start off with a clean slate- You don’t ever have the think about the time you got an injury, the time you vomited after running a race, the period of time when you felt burnt out, or the time you DNF some race you’ve been training for. Nope, you get the cool advantage of not ever feeling a let down from running, well not yet.

2. You are obviously a pretty brave individual, not afraid of hard work! Go you!

3. Your goal list can be infinite- All runners create new goals for themselves all the time, however new runners are just figuring out their personal capabilities in running or popular race series offered in the country. Who knew there was a hot chocolate 15k or a Rock n Roll Marathon?

4. Your first expo for a major race you will be in awe- There are so many running items you will have no idea you needed. Seriously though, it can be so much fun learning about all the product. Before running, I didn’t know what energy gels, or sparkle skirts were. My very first Run Disney expo taught me all that.

5.All in all, you are exploring the world of runner for the first time. It is a very rewarding hobby, and so much fun. Try new running routes, go to a local running store, sign up for a race; whatever you do, enjoy doing it. I am proud of the new runners out there. Its not easy to start up running, you have to have a lot of perseverance. Keep it up!

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  1. LivingOutLoud says:

    This is a really inspiring post! 🙂

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