Raleigh City of Oaks- UNC Rex Healthcare Half Marathon

The UNC Rex Healthcare Half Marathon was a couple weekends ago but I never got a chance to recap the race. The race started at 7am sharp at the Belltower of North Carolina State University. My fiancé and I arrived at 6:30am but honestly, I don’t feel it was early enough. There were a handful of port a pottys and it seemed like there just weren’t enough of them. The line was like at a RunDisney event. CRAZY. So anyway, I waited a half hour just to use the restroom before the race. I made it just in time. I was running to the starting line at 6:57. Talk about stressful. I’ve definitely learned my lesson to get to races early.

I’ve been to another race that started at the Bell Tower at NC State so the first mile of the race was very familiar to me. Also, from running with a local running group, I was familiar with many streets on the course. The course went through three different colleges, and showcased the beauty of the city of Raleigh. I utilized the RaceJoy app so my fiancé could see how I was progressing throughout the race. It was about $1.00 each for us to use it on our phones. I found it frivolous for spectators having to pay to utilize the app, but I will say it came in handy. My fiancé found a nice little local cafe to hang out in while I was running which I was so pleased about. It was in the low 40s outside, and I also worried about him being bored alone.

Mile 1-7 had a moderate amount of hills but man especially at mile 7 that hill was tough stuff. At mile 7 my fiancé was able to see him. He quickly handed me a water bottle, which I was grateful for at the point. I will say once again, I started out the race to hasty. My pace was 8 minute miles and that is not a pace I could have sustained throughout a half marathon. I knew I had to slow it down. I was feeling great until mile 11. At that point I was completely sick of the race. I just wanted it to be over. I tried to remain positive but I had to start doing run-walk intervals. I completely bonked and I wanted to keep my pace under 10 minutes. The run-walk intervals between miles 11-13 really seemed to be my saving grace. At the finish line, my body was so relieved to be done, I vomited a little. Nothing drastic, but who likes that? It’s completely embarrassing.

This half marathon Made me realize that my training for future races needs improvement. I ended the half marathon at 2:09, which is a PR for me. Maybe the race felt so hard, because I was pushing myself so much. Overall, I think the race has improved myself as a runner. I’ve learned many lessons. I do wonder why I vomited though- I didn’t try anything new so I’m really not sure. Not all races are rainbows and butterflies. Yes, there were positive factors in this race such as The medal I got was a big acorn, and I got a PR. But there were also some negative aspects to the experience such as vomiting at the finish line and limping for two days after the race. My next half marathon is in January at Disney and I’m very much looking forward to it. The UNC Rex Healthcare Half Marathon was my third half marathon, and my 1st non RunDisney half marathon. I think now I’m running with the big boys and I need to learn more about the art of running long distances.


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  1. I’m sorry that the race wasn’t more fun; I can’t tell you about the vomiting thing, thankfully I’ve never done it, but I expect it was due to pushing yourself harder than usual.

    Congrats on the PR, though! Even when it comes under bad circumstances, it just fills you with so much confidence (I find, anyway).

    I use the free Road ID app, which allows my husband to track me (as long as I start it!). It just costs data, but it’s really not too bad.


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