Top 5 Tuesday: Holiday gift ideas

Happy Top 5 Tuesday! Today with the holiday season, and the many posts by Chocolaterunsjudy and livinglovingrunner about holiday gift giving, I thought I would compile a list myself. This list won’t necessarily be what I want for Christmas, but items I feel every runner should have.

1. Foam Roller- I didn’t have one of these babies for years because I felt they were just too expensive. Then I went to 5 Below (similar to a Dollar store) and found a simple foam roller for $5. I purchased it and never looked back. This foam roller may not be state of the art, but it definitely works my muscles after a long run.
2. Race registration- Sometimes knowing your runners’ dream races and registering them for the race is such a great surprise! Ehem Disney races or local races near home.
3. Running socks or KT Tape- what runner has enough running socks or KT Tape? Balega or SmartWool are some great brands I have tried. Even compression sleeves from ProConpression or Zensah are amazing.
4. Books about running- I highly recommend Running Man by Charlie Engle. It was published this Fall, so it is fairly new. I will be posting a review on the book shortly.
5. Nuun, gels, Stinger Waffles, sports jelly beans, etc. Just like socks, runners can’t have enough!

What do you guys suggest would make good gifts for runners this holiday season? I would love to say headphones as a gift but I don’t have a particular brand I love at the moment. Any suggestions?

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  1. Running socks are always good. I always like running store gift certificates as well (pick your favorite store). I’ll keep them until the store is running a sale and then buy what I need. Foam rollers are great. I didn’t know 5 Below carries them. That would be good for my daughter who just became a somewhat serious 5k runner and has tight IT bands all the time.


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