Top 5 Tuesday: 2017 Runolutions

img_6145Top 5 Tuesday: 2017 Runolutions

I hope everyone had a happy and safe New Year’s Eve! After much contemplation, I finally narrowed down 5 resolutions or runolutions. 2016 was a year of discovery; 2017 will be a year of perseverance.

1. Gain more followers and blog more- I started this blog in March 2016, and have 149 followers currently. That is really exciting to me! Next year, I would like to increase the blog’s following by at least 40%.
2. Log in 800 miles next year. I ran around 580 miles in 2016, and I would like to amp that up a bit. That is 933 km. I ran three times a week; 2 of those runs were only 3 miles and then I had a long run day over the weekend. I think it will be fairly easy to reach 800 miles next year because I’ll be training for the Walt Disney World marathon (January 2018) and increasing my mileage.
3. Run 5 half marathons in 2017. So far I’m registered for the WDW Half, the Gasparilla Distance Classic Half, and the Rock n Roll Raleigh Half. So I have two more half marathons to sign up for!
4. I want to PR in a half marathon and a 5K. My PR for the half marathon distance is a 2:09 at the City of Oaks Half Marathon in Raleigh. My 5K PR is so far 30:24 and that was at the Bolt Run in Tampa, with my fiancé back in March 2016. I need to run another 5K! That was awhile ago!
5. Find a consistent running group- I am probably signing up for a training program with Fleet Feet this month, so that will be taken care of. I’m just trying to meet new people and improve my training before I commit to a marathon.

2017 is going to be challenging and exciting all at the same time.

What are some of your runolutions?

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  1. therunninger says:

    Good luck achieving these goals. I am sure you will do fine

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  2. Great list of runolutions!

    My running resolutions are to PR in my half and full.

    Best of luck with the Disney half this weekend. I’m running the full on Sunday and can’t wait!

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  3. Zoe says:

    Good luck with your goals. Mine is to run a couple of trail halfs and try a full!

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