WDW Half Marathon Training in Colleyville, TX and Downtown Raleigh, NC

WDW Half Marathon Training in Colleyville, TX and Downtown Raleigh, NC

Hello, hello! Today I leave for Orlando, Florida with my sister and mother for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon on Saturday. There has been much preparation for the race and I just wanted to kind of share my training experiences for the race.

I did a half marathon in Raleigh in November, so I’ve been well ready for the Walt Disney Half Marathon in January. I loosely followed the Jeff Galloway free training plan on the RunDisney website. I would run two 3 mile runs, and one long run each week.

Even during the holidays, I did not let my training falter. For Christmas vacation, my fianc√© and I travelled to Dallas, Texas for 5 days. Adam’s parents live in Colleyville, which is a suburb over in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Adam’s family lived right by a city park, and also a large outdoor shopping center with many boutique stores, so there were plenty of places for me to run. While running, I got the see horses, chickens, and donkeys over in Colleyville. What an interesting mix of animals! I really enjoyed running the different streets of the shopping center, more than the park. The park was pretty much a ghost town while I was there, and I found it a bit creepy with all the empty baseball fields.

The first morning of running there, I came across the Public Library, and they had a Christmas tree decoration contest. There were about twenty different trees decorated in different themes. It looked like the local Boy Scouts, elementary schools, and libraries had their own tree. I preferred this Texan themed tree while I was there.

The weather was a bit on the hot side for me (70s), but I managed to get my long run in Texas. A couple days after getting home to Raleigh, I had to babysit my best friend’s cat, Bowie, while she was out of town. The cool thing besides hanging out with Bowie, is Amanda has an apartment in downtown Raleigh. I stayed over night with my sister (who is also friends with Amanda Lol)….Basically my family is cousins with Amanda. Anyway, the next morning I was able to run through a couple hot spots of Downtown Raleigh such as Cameron Village, through NCState on Hillsborough Street, and the Bell Tower. I had so much fun switching up my routine, and running somewhere different. It was cool, because many of the places I ran to were places where I ran during the City of Oaks Half Marathon.


Something else I’ve been doing lately is I signed up for a half marathon training program at the local Fleet Feet, running store in Raleigh. I spotted in the store, Monday night, and met with the training program’s coach to make sure it was a good fit for me. She said 80% of runners in the program have done a half before and were looking to improve their time, etc. I fall into that category and I’m glad I’m not the only one. On Monday, I immediately signed up! New year runolution was the get more social with running, so here I go.


We had out Kickoff event this past Tuesday, and were separated based on our pace and not the distance we signed up for. We had an introduction to the coaches, a bit of stretching, and the we were off for our trial time run. Everyone seemed nice in my pace group. I haven’t clicked with anyone in particular as to many people knew each other, but overall people were very encouraging! After our 3 mile run, we cooled down and worked on our core. I won’t be going to the Saturday long run because I’ll be at the Walt Disney World Half Marathon. According to the weather channel, currently it is suppose to snow in Raleigh this weekend, so I don’t know if the training program will cancel their run or not anyway.

While I’m at the RunDisney expo this weekend I will be looking for a handheld water bottle or an arm phone case. I need to figure this out because the training program requires me to have a water bottle on my person, and I really need to hold a flashlight. Next Saturday, Charlie Engle, the ultramarathoner I met at his book signing is coming to run with the Fleet Feet training group. I’m very excited for him to be coming! Okay, well now I’m out and on my way to Orlando!

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