RunDisney Running Costume Prep

img_6159RunDisney Running Costume prep

Today is the RunDisney expo for me! Before I go into how the expo is I wanted to share my running costume, and the process of making it. I am going to be Daisy Duck, and my friend Jen is going to be Donald Duck for the 20th anniversary Walt Disney World Half Marathon.

I purchased a Nike purple V-neck shirt, and yellow compression sleeves for Daisy’s bright colored legs. I had on hand purple Nike shorts that match perfectly with the shirt. I’ll be wearing long black leggings if it’s too cold tomorrow though. It’s suppose to rain and be a bit on the cool side tomorrow morning. Maybe it won’t be so bad with the humidity of Florida, who knows.

What I’m really concerned about is the possibility of thunderstorms. Already, RunDisney has made an announcement that they are keeping watch of the weather, and if it is thundering and lightning the race will either be cancelled or shortened. Oh no, I don’t want another Wine and Dine 2015 debacle. For those of you unfamiliar, the 2015 Wine and Dine Half Marathon had scattered thunderstorms, so RunDisney shoved everyone into shelter for a couple hours (maybe less or more), and the race was shortened to only 6-7 miles.


Moving on from that tirade, the white tutu was created using a no sew tutorial. The tutuorial can be found on . I recommend making the long tutu, because I tried cutting the tulle with the short tutu directions and it looked like it was for a child. Mind you, I am only 5’4, so it is not like I’m a tall woman for the short tutu. Instead of ribbon, I used elastic for the waist because I felt it was more secure. Basically all I did was put the elastic around a chair and tied the tulle to the elastic. After that step, I used fabric glue spray, and applied feathers to the tutu in all different directions. I think it came out pretty nice!

When I meet up with Jen later today, she is going to give me a Daisy Duck headband she purchased online. It’s a big purple bow headband, which is just perfect to complete my running costume.


Keep your eyes out for a post later today on how the expo went!

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  1. Looks awesome! My husband and I went to the expo today and were pleased with how relatively calm it was. Fingers crossed for good weather tomorrow!


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