Top 5 Tuesday: Running Confessions #2

Happy Top 5 Tuesday! Today we will talk about running confessions. I had so much fun writing a post like this a couple of months ago, I thought I’d give it a go again. Some of these confessions happened in the past, some are happening more currently. I hope you get a laugh out of some of these…when #3. Do you have any funny running stories?

Top 5 Tuesday: Running Confessions #2

1. Before attempting my first half marathon last year, I hadn’t run for over 10 days because I was on vacation in London. I kept telling myself I’d be fine during the race because I averaged my walking each day about 10 miles. No excuse, I know!
2. After running a RunDisney race, I can’t stop thinking about it for a good 2 weeks. Now, that I’ve run the marathon though…I particularly have an itch to do more RunDisney races.
3. I have run a trail a handful a times, but nothing beats the very first experience. I was running with the cross country team for practice in high school in Florida ( I wasn’t part of the team, but was thinking of joining at the time). We were a good 2 miles on the trail, and of course, I tripped on a tree trunk. That wasn’t enough though, oh no. I also lost one of my contacts on that trail too. Talk about embarrassing.
4. I found out there is an actual running tour in Amsterdam, and I am trying to convince my fiancé to do it with me on our honeymoon this year.
5. I started a training with a new running group this month. We stretch before and after a run. This is a foreign concept to me, since I fail to do this on my own every time I run. #badrunner

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  1. running amsterdam is so much fun. i havent done the actual running tour by my company is based there so every January we have a meeting and i get a run in. its a little icy but so much fun.


  2. A running tour is a must. That is all!


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