Top 5 Tuesday: 5 ways RunDisney is the best race series (At least my experience)

Happy Top 5 Tuesday!

Today I wanted to talk about 5 ways RunDisney races really are set apart from other races. Seriously, this post is basically about me fangirling runDisney. Enjoy!

Since 2015, I been running at least one Disney race a year. I’ve run in the Princess Half Marathon Weekend, the Star Wars: Dark Side Half Marathon Weekend and the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend multiple times. Earlier this month, I was at the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. This post idea came about after RunDisney handled the cancellation of the Half Marathon with such dignity and fairness. I wanted a chance to talk about why RunDisney races provide to be such a unique experience from other races.

Top 5 Tuesday: 5 ways RunDisney is the best race series (At least my experience)

1. The expo is quite over-the-top and huge compared to most of the other race expos I’ve attended. Fit2Run, Rawthreads, Sparkle Athletics, KT Tape, and many more vendors are there each race weekend. My favorite vendor is Sparkle Athletics! During the WDW Marathon Weekend, I got my sister and I their famous donuts skirts. We will be wearing them very soon. Stay tuned šŸ˜‰
2. When runDisney races cancel, they handle the customers with flawless service. Maybe handle isn’t the right term, but you understand what I mean. In January, they offered 4 choices for those individuals, like myself, that sign up for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon. Also, I got news this week, they are sending everyone that deferred to the full marathon, an official Marathon tech shirt. Very fair!
3. RunDisney is completely beginner friendly. I love the spirit of rundisney for this reason. RunDisney races have a very generous cut off time for races and stick to a strict 16 minute pace. You can power walk this! It makes running this fun races accessible to everyone. Running has become such an inclusive sport, and runDisney highlights that fact.
4. The race entertainment is absolutely the best! They have sideline chEAR squad, marching bands, DJs, and Character stops. Not the mention there are 4 different theme parks you can run in depending on the race you sign up for. If you are running the marathon, hey! You get to run through all 4 theme parks! That also means you get the chance to use the restroom in REAL restrooms, not just port-a-potties. Most of all the excitement from the crowds cheering all the runners on with their clever quotes are so much fun. My favorite that I’ve seen recently is ‘I know how hard a marathon is…I just did a Gilmore Girls marathon last night’
5. The organizational skills runDisney has makes the morning of race day is so much less stressful. There are corrals all set up so you don’t get trampled on by faster runners. There are also more than enough port-a-potties. After the WDW Half Marathon cancellation, all of us runners except Challengers I believe, had to go back to the expo. Yes, I had to wait in lines, but I will tell you, those lines to get everything straightened out was efficient.
Now I’ve told you the 5 ways I think runDisney races are set from other races. Can you think of any other reasons why you think runDisney is amazing?

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  1. I have a friend who’s trying to talk me into the Dopey Challenge. You’re making it harder to say “no”.


  2. fitmomjax says:

    As a DVC Member I can honestly say Disney does everything better!


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