January Training Recap & February Sneak Peek

Happy February!

Before I start talking about February goals, I wanted to do a bit of a January recap of training. I just checked my MapMyRun app and it says I ran 85 miles in January. That is such an improvement from last year and I am excited. New year, new you! In 2016, I would have run only 2-3 times of week, and now I’ve amped it to 4 times a week. This may not seem like a big deal to some folks but sometimes it’s tough with a busy schedule.

Recap of January:
The first weekend of January, I ran my first marathon at Walt Disney World after the Half Marathon was cancelled. I was thoroughly unprepared for the marathon but made it through! I came home after the marathon and quickly started running again with my training group. My training this month has been under the guidance of Fleet Feet Run Happy Training Program. I love it! We’ve been running downtown, at museums, around the store, and even on the many Greenways of Raleigh. If there is one thing I’ve learned since running with this race group, it’s the sheer beauty of running along the Greenway in the early hours.
The training program has us running around 15-20 miles per week.
Some runs were cancelled in January due to ice on the roads. Not only am I getting faster because of this training group, I am also getting to meet some great people. I had some issues with what pace group I needed to go to but I finally found where I need to be. The 9-10 pace group are my people lol. I tried to go in the 10-11 pace group on our long run days but it wasn’t really working out well. Our overall goal is training for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in April. Hopefully my pace group gets the run it together!
January was also a good month to register for Spring races such as the Tobacco Road Half Marathon, the Rock n Roll Raleigh Half Marathon, and the Tar Heel 10 Miler. Ek! I almost forgot, I got early registration for the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend 2018. Bring on the 25th Anniversary Walt Disney World Marathon in January 2018! So excited to run this with Jen again.

February Goals:
February is a short month, but I still want to get a lot of miles in. I’d like to run at least 85 miles again this following month. I think with Half Marathon coming up, I think I can do it. I just need to keep attending my training sessions and running after work. I started a new job in January, and recently got into a good schedule for me to run right after work.
As far as races go for this month, I have the 5 mile Krispy Kreme Challenge the first weekend of February. Also, I will be in Tampa closer to the end of the month for the Gasparilla Half Marathon. My fiancé & I’s friends are getting married on Gasparilla weekend so it worked out quite nicely. I get to run with Jen again! 🙂

What are your February goals?

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