Top 5 Tuesday: 5 Love Notes to the Running Community

Happy Valentine’s Day! Since today is all about love, I wanted to share the love to the running community. This Top 5 Tuesday will be about how amazing the running community is. I mean honestly what’s not to love? I’m talking about the blogging folks (like you!), local running shops, racing events and more.

5 Love Notes to the Running Community:

1. I love my fellow bloggers. You guys inspire me to strive for more each and every day. I love seeing the races you run and all the milestones you make on your running journey. Whether that’s speed, traveling, training or distance.
2. I love my favorite running podcasters. Shout out the David Wiley from The Runner’s World Show, Kara Gormley from The Running Lifestyle Show, John and Sarah from Not Real Runners. I listen to podcasts every time I run now and have completely switched from music. You guys keep me entertained and laughing (Not Real Runners) for so many miles each week.
3. I love my local running store: Fleet Feet. The staff is so friendly and they are always in stock with the top of the line new running supplies. They also have been wonderful with fitting me with running shoes. They actually give me good advice and don’t necessarily recommend the shoes I’ve had for years. They have encouraged me to try on other. Like I’ve always run with Brooks, and just a few weeks ago they suggested I just try on New Balance. Ahh! Now I love New Balance AND Brooks.
4. I love my training group. This kind of coincides with Fleet Feet in general. I’ve met so many wonderful runners with this group. They have been so welcoming to a new North Carolinian like them. I’ve got the rundown of all the awesome local races. Not to mention the general encouragement we all give each other. Everyone has each others backs. I wouldn’t want to train with any other group but them.
5. I love runDisney runners. I am so partial to the runDisney community. These runners are truly unique in each and every way. We all get ‘goofy’ with race day costumes, we spend an exorbitant amount of money to see a Mouse, and we wake up at the crack of dawn to run 3-26miles. My favorite part about runDisney runners is their acceptance of new runners. There is absolutely no judgement at these races. Everyone is cheering on each other and the back of the pack runners are embraced.

I hope I inspired you to spread the Running love today, too! Tell me why you love the Running community ❤️

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