Top 5 Tuesday: 5 thoughts about Virtual Runs

Happy Top 5 Tuesday! Today I’d like to breach the topic of Virtual Runs. I did my first Virtual Run two weekends in my neighborhood. It was for the Hogwarts Running Club: Platform 9 3/4. If you don’t know what any of that means, think Harry Potter. I signed up for the Virtual Run because it went towards a charity (I think for children’s literacy). The medal is gorgeous and shows the front of Hogwarts Express with the famous Platform written on it. Also, on the radar this month, runDisney announced their Running Shorts series highlighting Pluto, one of the best Disney dogs around. Anyway, I am so much on the fence about Virtual runs and if it’s really a training run or how to categorize it in general. So next up are the five thoughts I had while running my first Virtual Run for 9 3/4 miles.

Top 5 Tuesday: 5 thoughts about Virtual Runs

1. Connecting with social media is pretty cool with virtual races. The ability to use a simple hashtag to connect with other runners is amazing. I’m going to put this all over Instagram.
2. Is this considered a race if I’m running at race pace? Or is this a training run?
3. This Hogwarts Running Club medal is truly unique. But Did I really earn a medal or was it given?
4. I’m glad I’m not think wearing that computer paper race bib I could have downloaded around my neighborhood. The neighbors might talk lol.
5. Yay! That was fun. *Looks at FitBit* I should have gone faster. I could have gone faster. Darn it, Candice.

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  1. I’ve never done a virtual race before, but it seems like an interesting concept.

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  2. Laura says:

    So was it worth it in the end? This is a really timely post! I just organized my first Virtual Race and I’m on the fence about whether I’ll do it again. So I would love to hear more of your thoughts. What would make you sign up for another one? Or what wouldn’t?

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    1. I would sign up for another Virtual race, but it would have to be for a charity or cause I’m really passionate about like Girls on the Run. I think I would get more enjoyment out of that sort of Virtual Run knowing as I was running, I was giving back. It’s not about the race, the time, the medals. It’s would be about helping others through running. The Hogwarts Running Club does this, so I may sign up for another Virtual Race with them.


      1. Laura says:

        Do you think you’d be more inclined to do one for charity vs. one that was free? Thanks for letting me pick your brain!


  3. No problem! Hmm…I would prefer to do one for Charity. However, if it was a social media driven Virtual Run I may be inclined to do one for free. Also, another influencing factor would be if a friend ran a Virtual Run with me.


  4. I am just not into virtual runs at all. Never really did one, either.

    the only medals that really mean something to me are my half medals. I get ones once in a blue moon from a shorter race — I don’t even hang them up.

    Plus I have great difficulty pushing myself that hard without the race atmosphere!


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