Top 5 Tuesday: 5 reasons why my running has been slacking for the past two weeks

Top 5 Tuesday: 5 reasons why my training is slacking for the past 2 weeks

Over the past two weeks, my running days per week has decreased. I want to be real with you guys, and tell you when my training is going well and when it’s going off course. Nothing is perfect. I haven’t been able to go to my Fleet Feet trainings for two weeks, due to late nights working, and going away on the weekends. I’ve only be running 2-3 days these last two weeks compared to 4. Also, I haven’t been able to get my long runs in for two Saturdays in a row. I have the Tobacco Road Half Marathon this Sunday, and even though my running has slacked a little due to being busy, I am still not worried about the race. I mean I did just do a half marathon three weekend ago anyway. So why has my training been slacking recently? I’ll start in order of most recent events.

Top 5 Reasons why my training is slacking for the past two weeks:


1. I had a surprise Bachelorette Party this weekend! I seriously have the most amazing friends and family. Thanks Lauren, Cait, and Jen for traveling all the way to NC. And thanks to my mum and sister for organizing and doing all the prep work!

2. I had a major Conference that was multiple days that I had to teach a workshop at, and attend other sessions.
3. I had to prep for this said conference. With all the deadlines, and cleaning the test kitchen, we are talking long days.

4. I went skiing instead of running. The family took a trip to the mountains, and skied all weekend.

5. I keep having wedding preparation functions after work. I’m talking about meeting with the wedding coordinator, going to the cocktail party which was really a fancy taste testing, and lastly, going to the wedding venue again to try the cakes. I am getting married in May, so all of this is piling up fast.
It looks like my life is unfortunately back to normal. I already miss my bridesmaids from this past weekend who left 😦 No more fun stuff, but at least I will run more often like I’m use to. My goal race, Rock n Roll Raleigh Half Marathon is in my sight, so I need to stay focused.

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  1. Kaitlin D. Durbin says:

    I ran a half marathon the weekend before my wedding–it felt stressful and crazy at the time, but I think in the end, the training schedule kept me focused and grounded (despite some missed runs 🙂 ). Good luck and congrats on the upcoming wedding!

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