June 2017 Running & Spring Races Recap

Hi everyone,

Now that my life is resembling something a bit more now. I am getting back into blogging again. What was I doing for the past few months? I was getting married, moving into our new home, and teaching/learning curriculum at work. These may sound like excuses, but honestly I felt I had a lot going on. With limited time, I felt ‘okay, what is more important to me blogging or running? I’ll always choose running. So, Just because I haven’t been blogging though doesn’t mean I haven’t been running. I did quite a few races that I never going to recap on this Spring, and I’ve been running at least three times a week. With the summer heat, my long runs have dwindled down to 6 miles, but I will soon be picking that back up. I really wanted my mileage to be higher right now, but I’ve just been busy. I’m excited to have a quieter life again, so I can pick it back up.

IMG_0001Last month was a good month for running, despite the heat. I got to go for a run around my new neighborhood and explore. Then for work, I went to Edenton, NC and my hotel was so close to the Main St and Lighthouse, so I decided before work to go for a run over there. It was such a quaint and charming downtown area. My visit to Edenton was a great trip. I felt like I stepped into the smallest town in The South.

Now I’d like to recap my races from the Spring in a short synopsis. I apologize if this is the strangest blog post for recapping something back in March, but bare with me. I just want to “catch up” and then it will go back to the usual.

Spring 2017 March through April races
1. Tobacco Road Half Marathon in Cary, NC- I got a PR! Finally made it under 2 hours! The course was perfectly flat, shaded, and the weather conditions were ideal. I am so so proud of this particular race.
2. Rock n Roll Half Marathon in Raleigh, NC- I did not PR, however it was a very hilly and difficult course. I am happy with my results. Also it was running because I got to see my friends from Fleet Feet, and also old coworkers from Humana. Best of all, my husband got to see me in like 4 places in this race, and even my parents came out and supported me.
3. Tar Heel Ten Miler in Chapel Hill, NC- This was probably the most mentally difficult race I’ve done. And I’ve run a marathon before! It started around 9AM at the end of April and was extremely hot. I felt so sick, and honestly just wanted the race to be over. I most definitely had some sort of heat exhaustion problems. My body was struggling to regulate itself. I will say though, I persevered and kept running. I had to take 1-2 walking breaks for this race, but you know, I never quite. Not to mention, there isn’t anything wrong with walking!
So that’s a little recap of my races and my running life lately. I plan on continuing my Top 5 Tuesday, and may be introducing a new monthly segment to my blog 🙂

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  1. Welcome back! Congrats on your PR!


  2. Emma says:

    Welcome back to the world of blogging and huge congratulations on the half marathon PR x


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